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Physical Therapy Center in Brooklyn, NY

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Brooklyn Pain Doctors in Brooklyn, NY is dedicated to your health and pain relief. With over sixteen years of experience in the business, our physical therapy center offers many pain management procedures. We offer various pain management techniques and combine it with alternative therapy like acupuncture and so on for effective treatment. Usually we see results within one week of treatment.

Our mission is to improve the health and wellness of our patients. We can help them to get rid of pain (like knee pain, back pain, so on) in very short period of time. We accept insurance so you don't have to worry.

We treat the following conditions:

  • Headache, migraine headache, vertigo, dizziness.
  • Neck pain, stiffness.
  • Shoulders pain, arthritis.
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Tennis elbow.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Arm numbness, pain, burning sensation
  • Stiffness in fingers, arthritis. Trigger finger
  • Back pain. Low back pain, stiffness
  • Spinal stenosis, disc bulges, disc herniation, pinched nerve.
  • Pain, numbness, weakness, cramps in legs. Knee pain, arthritis, artrosis meniscus tear. Foot, heel pain. Plantar fascistic.
  • Sports injuries. Scoliosis
  • Sports and performance injuries
  • Post-surgical conditions
  • Work-related injuries
  • Personal and auto injuries
  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Disc herniations and radiculopathies
  • Hand trauma and upper extremity injuries
  • Muscle strains and sprains
  • Shoulder and elbow injuries
  • Ankle and foot injuries
  • Dizziness and balance deficits
  • Acute and chronic conditions
  • Joint replacement therapy
  • Arthritis pain

This is how we treat the above issues:

  • Trigger point injection
  • Nerve block
  • Joint injection
  • Facet joint injection
  • Osteopathic manipulation
  • Pain Compound cream
  • Prolotherapy
  • Ozone therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Pain Management

Why Choose Us

  • We Accept Insurance
  • Professional and Experienced Staff
  • Dedicated to Your Pain Relief